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Jul 08

Anonymous said: to the people saying tumblr train gives you a virus, i've been using it for 2 days, and i have a virus thing called avg, it scans your computer for viruses, tells you if you have any (which i don't) then gets rid of them

^ What they said.

Its not a virus.

Jul 06

c-untnation said: when is the tmbl thing actually launching

Which? Our real site? Hopefully by the end of summer

Anonymous said: k. laugh. I'll just be here, trying to help a dozen or so people reinstall their operating systems after their computers crashed after clicking "board the train."

Why exactly do you think its a virus?
(PS We don’t own the site anymore, but we recently helped them redo it)

Jun 25

We contacted tumblr support about that error, please stand by

Jun 24

We are currently being hacked.

Someone is spamming our servers with hundreds of requests a second. We’re working on a way to try and block them off, we’ll keep you updated!

For some reason our servers are down… Please stand by while we fix this :)

Is anyone else having issues when viewing promos on firefox?

Just added my blog to this cool new tumblr promo site! By the same people who made the tumblr train! Check it out!

Wow! This is the best promo site I've used so far! I gained 1,000+ followers!

How are you guys liking our new site?

Any suggestions on what we can do better?